Whopping Sales Letter Conversions – Guaranteed!

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What copywriting technique am I talking about?

Inserting guarantees!

We've all come across various guarantees before...

"Here's our iron-clad, zero risk, 100% money back guarantee - You don't pay a single cent unless and until you're completely satisfied with your purchase. If, for some reason, you wish to claim a refund, simply return the product within 60 days and we'll promptly give your money back - no questions asked and we'll still part as friends, blah blah blah!"

Now, whatever you may think of guarantees such as the one given above, when it comes to copywriting strategies, including one in your sales copy is an absolute must. You see, if you want potential customers to take action, click on the order button and purchase the product or service you're promoting, it's always a smart idea to insert a compelling guarantee towards the end of your sales copy. This is because it gives your readers peace of mind and the confidence to buy from you.

Without a powerful guarantee, visitors to your website might not feel comfortable about going through with their order. If there's even the slightest bit of hesitation on their part, there's a good chance they'll abandon the order page and leave your site.

Keep in mind that most people that arrive at your landing/sales page, will have never heard of you or done business with you before. Naturally, they're going to be a tad cautious and skeptical and will wonder if they can trust you and the product you're selling. However, an honest money-back guarantee will go a long way to dispel their fears and make them feel comfortable about purchasing from you.

Here's a quick example that proves a guarantee does boost your copywriting conversion rate: I once ran a split-test using two identical sales letters - A and B. There was one noticeable difference though - the former had a guarantee and the latter didn't. B generated a conversion rate of 2.4%; A, on the other hand, pulled in a conversion rate of 7%.

Just goes to show you what a difference inserting a guarantee can make to your profits! Once you've managed to convince your prospect that it's safe to do business with you, they'll breathe easier and will have no problem purchasing from you.

The bottom line is this - a rock-solid guarantee is bound to increase your sales, so you've got to make sure you include one in all of your sales letters.

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Whopping Sales Letter Conversions – Guaranteed!

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This article was published on 2011/07/28